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Los Angeles, California

I was in a difficult situation and needed a lawyer that I could trust. I contacted Jeff, and he provided me with excellent legal representation. He was patient, knowledgeable, and always available to answer my questions. He was able to get my charges reduced, and I’m grateful for all of his hard work.


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Navigating a DUI Charge in Hollywood, California

Facing a DUI charge in Hollywood, CA, can be an overwhelming experience. The consequences of a DUI conviction are severe, ranging from jail time and substantial fines to mandatory suspension of your driver’s license. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the impact this can have on your life.

Why You Need a DUI Lawyer in Hollywood

When charged with a DUI, it’s crucial to seek legal representation immediately to save your license from automatic suspension. A DUI lawyer familiar with the Hollywood courthouse can identify weaknesses in the case against you. This expertise can lead to favorable negotiations or a successful defense in court.

Penalties for DUI in Hollywood

Despite the favorable jury pool for the defense, Hollywood prosecutors take a strong stance against DUIs, resulting in aggressive prosecution. First-time DUI convictions in California can cost you over $15,000, including:

  • tiền phạt: Minimum fines start at $1,800, including court fees. The total can increase significantly when penalty assessments are factored in. 
  • Thời gian ngồi tù: Conviction may lead to jail time of up to six months.
  • Đình chỉ giấy phép: A DUI conviction can result in a license suspension of at least six months.
  • DUI School: If convicted, you’ll need to attend at least  three-month DUI education program, costing over $500. This number goes above $1500 for a nine-month program.
  • Insurance Implications: DUI convictions can double your insurance premium and even lead to policy cancellations.

DUI Process in Hollywood

Regardless of the arresting police agency, your DUI case will usually follow a specific process:

  • Phiên điều trần của DMV: You have ten days after arrest to schedule a DMV hearing, which can help you retain your driving privileges while the case is pending. 
  • Arraignment: During this court appearance, you’ll enter a plea and set a Pre-Trial date to return. Having a lawyer signals your commitment to your defense. Your lawyer will use the time between arraignment and Pre-Trial to review the discovery, looking for inconsistencies in evidence and potential defenses.
  • Pre-Trial: Your lawyer will present your case under the best possible light to the prosecutor, who will likely give an offer. Another Pre-Trial may be set so you and your lawyer can discuss the pros and cons of accepting the offer.
  • Motions and Counter-Offers: If a better offer is sought, or more discovery arrives, your lawyer may decide to file certain motion(s) to compel or exclude certain evidence. This is often accompanied by a counter-offer that is presented to the prosecutor just before the motion is heard.
  • Jury Trial: When all. negotiations have broken down, your lawyer may advise you to pursue a jury trial, where a jury of 12 men and women in the Hollywood area will hear your case. In the trial, your lawyer may cross-examine the prosecution’s witnesses, including the police and state experts. Your lawyer may also present witnesses,  including yourself. You have the right to remain silent, and your silence cannot be used as evidence of guilt. If you give up this right and testify, the prosecutor will be able to cross-examine you. All twelve jurors must agree unanimously for you to be convicted or acquitted.
  • Post Trial: If there is no unanimous verdict (hung jury), the Judge will declare a mistrial. Then the process may start all over again, although your bargaining position usually improves after the prosecutor is unable to convict you on the first try.

Challenging Police Evidence

Police actions and evidence can be questioned, potentially leading to inadmissible evidence. Your lawyer can challenge:

  • Chemical Tests: Irregularities in blood or breath tests can lead to evidence being tossed out. For example, a blood vial lacking sufficient preservatives, or a breath machine that wasn’t properly maintained or calibrated.
  • Rights Violations: A breach of your Miranda rights can render some crucial statements made by you inadmissible. For example, if you are handcuffed at the start or middle of the DUI investigation, or another round of questioning takes place at the police station, and your rights are not read to you beforehand. 
  • Testimony Inconsistencies: Lawyers can cross-examine officers and witnesses, revealing inconsistencies that cast doubt on the state’s evidence. For example, the police and state experts can be shown to be biased, and their conclusions pre-determined.

Benefit of an Hollywood DUI Attorney

A professional DUI lawyer can contest evidence, protect your rights, and provide alternatives to pleading guilty. The goal is to achieve the best outcome for you by minimizing the many negative consequences of having a DUI. 

Take Action Now

Time is of the essence. Act quickly to secure the best defense. The legal process moves swiftly, and the first deadline is only ten days after your arrest. Contact us for a FREE consultation with an experienced Hollywood DUI attorney. Don’t wait; your future is at stake.

Hollywood DUI Attorney, Jeff Yeh

Hollywood DUI Attorney, Jeff Yeh


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