This is my 2nd DUI, Lawyer Jeff Yeh helped me a lots, to be honest, I worried so much not just because it’s my second time, and the alcohol tested result is 0.17%, but I called him to ask help my case, he told me that he needs to know every single small things I did, on the day I got arrested, from the moment I open my eyes till got cuffed. He wants to know is there anything I did, or I didn’t do, that can change my mood, emotion, my thinking that could of effect me to drink that much. And after the police pulled me over, do you know from that moment, you can use your right not to talk till lawyer arrive? Jeff taught me many things I should not say or do during the all process.At the court day, I forgot do the things that judge asked for, everyone knows that I might be go straight to jail at the court if I’m not lucky, but guess what, not just Jeff took care of that, and he still asked judge to take away one program I need to do, the hospital to see the past away people, I was so shock and appreciate Jeff already. Can you imaging in that situation, he still can turn the table around.I strongly recommend whoever has the DUI case, he will help you, and only he can help you

Sammy, California

I was very very happy with Jeff’s service. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a DUL lawyer. To tell you guys my story, when I got my DUI around Downtown LA, I immediately started a lawyer-hunting in Los Angeles. I first emailed about 15 lawyers that I found online and seemed good. After I got their replies, I went to meet 5 different lawyers. They seemed nice and good but a problem with big law firms is that they hire law students and have them take care of minor cases which happen to be DUI cases. So you meet up with your lawyer and explain about your case but it doesn’t really matter because they would just let their interns take care of your DUI case anyway. Well if the price is affordable then maybe it’s worth trusting them BUT it’s always so expensive…. one of the law firms told me it was going to be at least $9000 and since I was a college student at that time, I didn’t have that kind of money at all. I understand that prices vary depending on the case but it was way too expensive. I found Jeff through my friend’s recommendation and I am so happy that I did. My DUI got dismissed and after 2 years from the dismiss, he contacted me to see if I needed him to do expungement. He is not only a great lawyer but also great person too! Thanks Jeff!

Nao S., California

I was very lucky to find a Lawyer, Jeff Yeh, to help me dealing with “DUI.” To be honest, this is my first time to face “DUI” in my life and it happened in the US. I was very helpless in the time. Because English is not my first tongue, I need a lawyer, who can speak Chinese and English for helping. After the lawyer, Jeff Yeh, listen your problems and anxieties carefully, he will use his professional knowledge about DUI to help you and give a suggestion. In addition, he will clearly explain what you have to do. For example, to tell him detail about the process, time, place, environment, and so on. These information can help Lawyer Yeh to find hope and victory in the adverse conditions. Finally, I want to say Lawyer Yeh price is very fair and it will let you save money and time. I really appreciate the lawyer, Jeff Yeh, for helping me. (p.s. If you encounter about DUI, don’t panic and nervous, Jeff Yeh is a good Lawyer, I recommend him sincerely).

Chi-Hsiang Chao, California

I highly recommend Jeff for anyone facing a DUI charge. I had recently been charged with my second DUI offense, and I was very worried about the consequences. I contacted several lawyers, but Jeff stood out from the rest. He was more specialized in DUI cases and was extremely supportive from the start.
Throughout the entire process, Jeff was professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. He kept me informed at every step and answered all my questions in detail. His expertise and dedication to his clients’ cases were evident, and he fought hard to get my charges dismissed.
Thanks to Jeff’s hard work, my second DUI charge was dismissed, and I can now move on with my life. I am very grateful for his excellent service.

K.I., California

Jeff yeh is a great DUI attorney he is very personable honest aggressive and knows how to work all the angles and the system for your benefit I will recommend Jeff yeh to anybody who needs a good DUI attorney thank you Jeff for all of your help. Sincerely: Patrick.

Patrick, California

There is no one else I would rather have had, as my lawyer, than Jeff Yeh. When I was pulled over and arrested for a DUI, I was clueless and lost in the dark.

Wesley, California

When I was arrested for a DUI, I didn’t know what to do. One friend who spent $8000. for a big firm DUI attorney explained to me that the attorney did nothing because the law is the law. He felt that he had wasted his money. Since my BAC was under the the legal limit, and I did not want to go to court, I thought I would explore what an attorney could do for me. I found Mr. Yeh on Youtube and could tell that he was an intelligent go-getter. He was professional and totally available for any little question I had. We communicated by phone and email. He went to court for me so I did not have to miss work, and, best of all, he got my charges dropped. Mr. Yeh is awesome!

Anonymous, California

I had never been in legal trouble before, so I was very nervous when I was charged with a crime. I contacted Jeff, and he immediately put me at ease. He was very professional and responsive, and he walked me through every step of the legal process. Thanks to Jeff’s hard work and dedication, my charges were dropped.

J.B. Sanfrancisco, California

What People Say About Our Firm

A big thank you to the law office of Jeff Yeh. I’m DUI free. Unfortunately did not win our DMV hearing on my refusal but Jeff stuck it out through the court and was willing to work with me however he possibly could. Thanks again!


, California

He helped me dismissed my DUI charge quickly. This process only took 3 months. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone who need criminal attorney for any DUI cases.


, California

Jeff Yeh has been such a great help. I can’t say thank you enough for helping me drop the DUI charge. I would recommend Jeff to anyone who is looking for a DUI attorney. He is truly the DUI specialist.


, California

He was an excellent lawyer and gets my personal highest recommendation. Very professional and responsive.


Los Angeles, California

reasonable price, great attitude and friendly conversation. leave the trouble to Mr Yeh. Peace of mind. A+ he speaks Chinese which eased my anxiety. Thanks for the help!


, California

He helped me dismissed my DUI charge quickly. This process only took 3 months. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone who need criminal attorney for any DUI cases.


, California

I had the unfortunate experience of being charged with a DUI and was terrified of the potential consequences. After thorough research, I decided to hire Jeff Yeh as my DUI lawyer, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that decision. I highly recommend Jeff Yeh to anyone in need of a top-notch DUI lawyer.


, California

This is the second time I asked Jeff for help and I do not regret the decision. On a second DUI charge he managed to win the DMV decision and I am able to apply to get my license back! Very proffesional and always responds. I highly reccomend his services he knows what he is doing!


, California