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Picking up a Driving Under the Influence (“DUI”) charge in Los Angeles can be hard to avoid. Annually over 200,000 Californians are arrested for Drunk Driving / DUI. Police officers often stake outside clubs, lounges, and karaoke bars. Even many ordinary and fine restaurants have become targets. When police officers see you exit these establishments, they will often follow you secretly, wait for you to violate a minor traffic law, then pull you over. Once pulled over, it becomes increasingly difficult to escape a DUI arrest / citation. Regardless of whether you drank alcohol, or how much you drank, police officers will ask that you perform a series of Field Sobriety Tests (“FST”). Under these circumstances, you will undoubtedly be nervous, afraid, and perhaps English is not your first language. More often than not, you will perform poorly through no fault of your own, and be taken to a nearby police station where someone will administer a blood or breath test. These tests are often inaccurate; even someone who drinks little or no alcohol can register a 0.08% or greater Blood Alcohol Level (“BAC”). When faced with this situation, are you left with no choice but to face a criminal conviction, lose your driver’s license, pay thousands of dollars in fines and fees, be forced to attend an alcohol class that can last several months or even years, and perhaps even go to jail? 


Let the Los Angeles Law Office of “The DUI Specialist” Jeff Yeh take over from here. Not only is there an alternative to pleading guilty—including a dismissal or acquittal of your DUI charge—the Law Office of “The DUI Specialist” Jeff Yeh can also negotiate a settlement with the Judge or prosecutor so that your DUI charge can be reduced and the consequences minimized.

 The Law Office of  “The DUI Specialist” Jeff Yeh  understands how traumatic it is to be arrested / cited for DUI. But rest assured that the consequences don’t have to be—not if you do something about it! The Law Office of “The DUI Specialist” Jeff Yeh concentrates in defending people accused of drunk driving. This specialization makes the difference in your case. Call today for a free consultation and take the first step to bringing one of the worst experiences of your life to a satisfying resolution!

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In California, a person over 21 can be convicted of V.C. 23152(b) for driving with a 0.08% or greater BAC (0.05% for under 21). However, what most people don’t know is that a person arrested for alcohol DUI is almost always charged with V.C. 23152(a) as well (both a & b). This is important because the “a” count does not specify any particular BAC. In other words, as long as the prosecutor can show that you are “impaired,” you can be charged (and convicted) of DUI even if your BAC is under the legal limit.


If only drug(s) are involved (both legal and illegal), prosecutors will usually charge you with V.C. 23152(a), which does not specify a particular concentration level, just that you are “impaired” for purposes of driving. Impairment can be established by things such as bad driving, unsteady gait, nystagmus, poor performance on Field Sobriety Test(s)…etc.


In California, you can face a felony DUI in 2 ways. One, you have a 4th DUI within 10 years. Two, your DUI caused injury to victim(s) to such an extent that a felony is warranted (even if it is your first offense). The basic difference between a misdemeanor and a felony DUI is that for the latter, you could serve over 1 year in custody.


In California, when a person is cited for alcohol DUI, the DMV will go after the individual, separate from the court case. Your license is confiscated by the police and you are given a temporary license to drive for only 30 days. You have only 10 days to request a hearing and to extend that temporary license. If you or your lawyer does not contact the DMV on time, your license will be suspended after 30 days (and before your court date even begins).


In California, a DUI is often accompanied by a Hit and Run charge (when applicable). Unfortunately, the person who is arrested for DUI is usually deemed to be the party at fault, and it will be up to your lawyer to prove otherwise. If injury is involved, prosecutors are more likely to file a felony DUI charge even if it is your first offense. Either way, prosecutors will demand restitution from you or your insurance company.


If during the commission of a DUI, a minor is in your vehicle, the prosecutor will usually tact on an additional charge of child endangerment, which can be a misdemeanor or felony. Instead of the additional charge, or on top of it, the prosecutor can also add an enhancement to your DUI charge if the child was under 14. Either way, you face mandatory jail time if convicted as charged.


Although P.C. 647(f) is usually charged as a Misdemeanor, it is often handled on the Infraction calendar in court if it is the sole charge. Most cases involve a person who is intoxicated and asleep on the sidewalk or at a Metro stop. Since no driving is involved, a lawyer can often negotiate a dismissal with the prosecutor or Judge in return for some AA classes. Which is why you should NEVER plead guilty before consulting a lawyer.


Penal Code 148 PC makes it a misdemeanor to willfully to resist, delay or obstruct police officer(s) or emergency medical technician(s) (EMT) who are performing their official duties. Commonly referred to as Resisting Arrest, this offense is often tacked on to a DUI as a separate charge, and can be punishable by up to one year in county jail and up to $1000.00 in fines (before penalty assessments).


In California the majority of Driving Under the Influence cases are prosecuted as misdemeanors. This means that upon the successful completion of probation (anywhere from 3-5 years), you may be eligible for an “Expungement,” where a conviction is vacated and a dismissal is entered into the records. If you were convicted of a felony, you will first, upon completion of probation, need to petition the court to reduce the felony to a misdemeanor.


Jeff Yeh has been such a great help. I can’t say thank you enough for helping me drop the DUI charge. I would recommend Jeff to anyone who is looking for a DUI attorney. He is truly the DUI specialist.


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Jeff Yeh is a great DUI attorney he is very personable honest aggressive and knows how to work all the angles and the system for your benefit. I will recommend Jeff yeh to anybody who needs a good DUI attorney thank you Jeff for all of your help.


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I was in a difficult situation and needed a lawyer that I could trust. I contacted Jeff, and he provided me with excellent legal representation. He was patient, knowledgeable, and always available to answer my questions. He was able to get my charges reduced, and I’m grateful for all of his hard work.


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